MPEG-4 Encoder and MP4 File Writer

Download MP4 File Writer 

Download  MP4Lib Setup ( License Agreement. Download  MP4Lib Setup (

History of changes: - iPod/iPhone fix for video track. - Audio bitrate setting fix. - Fixed handling DirectShow BreakConnect(), Connect(), fixed memory leaks - Removed debug browser info (reduced filter size), tested for Windows 7 - Fixed the issue with QuickTime 7.7.1 - It had to do with SampleToChunk Box problem, tested for Windows 7

Install contains the following files:

Download MP4 File Writer

  1. mp4lib.dll (DirectShow MPEG4 encoder filter which includes  MPEG4 video encoder (ASP), MP4 audio encoder (FAAC - Freeware Advanced Audio Codec) and MP4 file writer).
  2. GraphEdit.exe - Microsoft application that allows you to combine and execute DirectShow filters and graphedit help file. You can also download it from Microsoft website as a part of Microsoft SDK.

  3. NOTE on file extensions - files generated by this encoder are ISO MPEG4 complaint so:

  • save as .mp4 if you play a file with QuickTime
  • save as .m4v or .m4a if you play a file with iTunes
  • save as .divx if you play with DivX player
  • save as .avi if you play with FFDShow based player

Below are the steps showing how to use the filter to encode video and audio streams to mp4 file.

  • Open your favorite avi, mpeg-1, mpeg-2 video clip from within Graphedit - make sure that from "Open Graph (*.GRF)" dialog you select (*.*) file extension. Graphedit will automatically put together all filters needed to play the clip. Click on the image below to enlarge.

Drag your video/audio avi file

Delete video/audio original renderers

Locate MP4 Writer filter

Connect video and audio pins


  • Delete video, audio rendering filters and color space converter by selecting each filter and clicking on delete button. See image below - click to enlarge.


  • From Graph/Insert menu navigate to "DirectShow Filters", locate "MP4 Writer" and click on "Insert Filter". See below - click on the image to enlarge.


  • Connect video, audio or both "MP4 Writer" pins with the rest of the graph as shown on the image below. Click in the image to enlarge view.


  • Click on "Play" button and wait for transcoding to complete. Note: you may stop transcoding at any time by clicking on "Stop" button, you may also "Pause". Once transcoding is done navigate to the folder where your mp4 file is and double-click on its name. If you don't have any mp4 player probably the easiest would be to download one from Apple