MPEG-4 Encoder and MP4 File Writer

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Create MPEG4 video and MPEG4 audio files using DirectShow filter, which includes MPEG-4 video ASP encoder, MPEG-4 audio FAAC (Freeware Advanced Audio Codec) and ISO compliant MP4 file writer. Click here to download the software.

More on MP4 File Writer

Software has been written in C and C++ (no assembly files). Except for DirectShow wrapper, which is Microsoft specific the libraries can be ported to any platform, including embedded.

MP4 File Writer For Multimedia At A Glance

  • MPEG-4 ISO-IEC-14496 part 3 compliant codec is based on Microsoft MPEG-4 reference software.

  • MPEG-4 audio encoding (AAC) - thanks to Menno Bakker and Krzysztof Nikiel - FAAC (Freeware Advanced Audio Codec). Superbly implemented, re-written and optimized AAC reference software.

  • Support for MPEG-4 file format based on MPEG-4 ISO-IEC-14496 part 1.

  • Written as DirectShow filter. 

  • Codec is fully MPEG-4 ISO complaint - both video and audio tracks are playable with QuickTime, compatible with iPod as well as any MPEG-4 compliant decoders - including XVID, DIVX, FFMPEG etc.
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